Ibiza Clubs

This is the page that we didn’t think needed an introduction because, quite simply, Ibiza is famous for its super clubs; it is what put it on the map after all.

It helps that the island is beautiful, the weather is decidedly tropical and the food and drink is divine but most of the 2,000,000 visitors every year are there for the clubs and the clubbing lifestyle.
And it is easy to see why.  Billboards all over the island have DJ Royalty on them constantly; Pete Tong and Carl Cox are never off them or the decks it seems and the clubs themselves make nightlife back home look like a children’s birthday party.

Iconic club/brands such as Pacha, Café del Mar and Mambo all began in Ibiza and every year, the parties that they throw get bigger and better, with more music diversity than you can shake a stick at.  That’s right guys, Ibiza opens its arms to all music, with Ibiza Rocks Hotel being very proud of its more alternative and rock line ups.

Super clubs such as Amnesia, Space and Privilege will blow you away, both with their sheer size and the level of talent that they command on a regular basis, but be prepared to travel as they are off the beaten track so to speak.  Regular party buses run to each of these from all corners of the island to cope with the sheer scale of people that are heading out to party so if crowds aren’t your thing, better give these bad boys a miss.

The smaller clubs and hotel bars are just as impressive and should not be missed either, with San Antonio bays West End being home to many, many bars and small independent bars where sitting is frowned upon and you can dance for just as long.

Whatever your pleasure, you can be sure that Ibiza has a club that can cater for it and with so many to choose from and so many great parties being thrown every year, the only sure fire way to make sure that you don’t miss a thing is to make sure that you download our app!

With a party calendar that is updated daily, with every club on the island listed, you can plan where you want to go and when with no problems and now you can simple buy your Ibiza Club Tickets directly from the app to!

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