Ibiza Bars

Think Ibiza, and you think of super clubs filled with people with co2 cannons going off and glitter falling from the ceiling and yes, you would be right. It’s what Ibiza is famous for after all, however you would be wrong to think that was all it had to offer.

Ibiza has a multitude of bars across the island that are just as good as the super clubs and can offer you a completely different experience of Ibizan nightlife.

Usually free to get in and sometimes cheaper for drinks, the bars are more chilled and relaxed than the bigger venues and the music ranges from traditional music and local bands and chilled beats that drift in the air as a backing track to your night, right through to big named Dj’s coming down to play more intimate gigs. Either way, you are entertained and you can find a bar to suit your mood.

They are the perfect place to warm up before heading out to say Pacha, Space or one of the bigger clubs or you can stay where you are and see an alternative side to how to party. The locals and island workers frequent the bars more so than the clubs so they are great places to really immerse yourself in what it is like to be part of the island.

Wander round San Antonio bay and you will see the more well-known bars of the island such as Linekers Bar and Itaca, keep going into the West End and you have Capone, Hush and Funky Flares as well as many more that play a wide range of music styles.

Keep going to the famous Sunset Strip and you can see a part of history by buying a cocktail at Café del Mar, Savannah or Mint and if you time it right, you can wave goodnight to the sun with a beach full of people before heading back up and dancing away; you might even spot a celebrity or two!

Further inland and you can really find some hidden gems; the kind of bars that you only find if someone tells you where to go and the great thing about Ibizan locals is that they are happy to gossip! Make friends and you could be sitting somewhere that no one else you know has been.

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