Formentera Guide

Think of paradise and most people will go straight for the Carribean.  Well, we are here to tell you that there is a little island of paradise a lot closer to home.
Formentera is the ultimate mini paradise island and is perfect for a quick get away from the pace of mainland Ibiza or for a little holiday all of its own.

Sunshine a plenty, relaxation, amazing food and drinks and a more peaceful atmosphere than Ibiza, Formentera is worth visiting in its own right and if bohemian is your thing, then you will not be disappointed.  Time seems to move slower there, the people are laid back and you can actually feel the stress and speed of life elsewhere escaping out of you as you wander down old streets, walk along idyllic stretches of sand or shop for trinkets at any of the little markets that are dotted about.

There is no pasa nada in Formentera and you cannot help but fall into the same pace.  We wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot to come home!

Real hippies left over from the 1960’s sit about, playing psychedelic guitars, people slowly scooter ride about and you will find mean mojitos and the best burgers you have ever tasted here; one thing we will say is if you want to know where to go and what to do, you will need to make friends with the locals.  The best places are the best because they are still relatively unknown, with the majority of tourists landing in Ibiza and getting swept up in the atmosphere and this is one of the reasons that Formentera is as special as it is.
What we will say is go there now before it becomes more popular!

That’s not to say that it isn’t popular now; the ones that know how great it is come back year after year and in Illetes, you can wander past million dollar yachts that should prove to you that there really is something worth visiting locked away inside Formentera.

Don’t expect to see main headline Dj’s here; the clubs are tiny and few and far between, with you more likely to be rocking away to chart toppers from the 80’s and 90’s than two stepping till dawn to current hits.

Michelin star restaurants will refuel your batteries, but don’t expect fast food or service.  When we say Formentera is relaxed, we mean in every way; it’s just how it is!

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